Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Our university, our stories
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At the University of Sydney, we believe that university should be an achievable goal for anyone with the talent and motivation to fulfil their potential. That’s why we welcome promising students from all social and cultural backgrounds.

University study is an opportunity that can shape a lifetime, and we encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation at every level of our study, work and research. It is a core part of our purpose.

To give you every opportunity to realise your potential at university, we have launched the Integrated Strategy, Wingara Mura – Bunga Barrabugu. We are changing our approach and making positive changes that are all about opportunity, capability and rights. The University of Sydney is a place where you can make a difference freely, safely, confidently and with pride.


Pathways to University

Pathways to Uni

Find out about your options for university study – an opportunity that can shape a lifetime.

Helping you suceed

Helping you succeed

We offer Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students comprehensive support networks at many levels, providing a safe, respectful and comfortable environment to learn and grow.

Meet our people

Meet our people

Our graduates make a real difference, growing into leadership roles across our society, from championing Aboriginal rights to improving quality of life and creating an artistic masterpiece.