Helping you succeed

At the University of Sydney, we give you more opportunities to participate in university study and achieve your potential. Here are some of our key student initiatives aimed at helping you succeed:

  • partnerships with NSW sporting teams that give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women opportunities to access tertiary study
  • new opportunities for working Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to enter undergraduate and postgraduate study
  • a postgraduate mentoring and development program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • a program that allows Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to start working on key elements for tertiary study in high school
  • more effort for quality students whose pathway to university is not as strongly mapped as others
  • integration of cultural competence into our curriculum, teaching and staff development.

We offer Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students comprehensive support networks at many levels, providing a safe, respectful and comfortable environment to learn and grow.

We encourage greater participation in higher education through our Cadigal Alternative Entry Program, and help with university admissions, and our Koori Centre provides many services and programs that help you get involved in every aspect of University life.

Yooroang Garang runs the Cadigal program and other support services for health sciences students on our Lidcombe campus. Here is a snapshot of some of our other important support services.

Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme

The Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme aims to help all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students realise their potential. Under the scheme, which is free and funded by the federal government, you can get access to tutoring that is tailored to your needs – either private, one-on-one access to a qualified tutor or the chance to participate in group tuition.

Improving your academic skills

The Academic Skills workshop program is designed to help new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander undergraduate students improve key academic skills, such as essay writing, presentations and time management. The program runs for two weeks before the start of the first semester and we encourage all new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to attend.

More support services

Find out more about our other support services for students which will help you settle in and offer ongoing support to keep things running smoothly. They range from counselling to accommodation, financial assistance and child care.