How to defer

What is deferment?

Deferring is when you have received an offer of a place from the University, but you want to put it on hold and begin your course later.

You can apply to defer your offer for up to one year from the commencement date on your original letter of offer. If you have already accepted your offer, paid the tuition deposit fee and received an eCOE, your application to defer will be assessed, and if approved, a new offer will be issued. After the new offer has been accepted, an eCOE will be issued.

If you wish to defer for more than one year, you will need to reapply for admission. Your application will then be reassessed for entry in the new semester/year of study.

Faculty of Health Sciences deferment rules
Please note that deferment is not offered for any of the Graduate Entry Master’s degrees offered at the Faculty Health Sciences for both international and domestic students. Visit the Faculty Health Sciences website for more information.

How to defer

You can request a deferral through Sydney Student via MyUni, your online student administration service.

Leave of absence / Suspension

If you have already enrolled but are unable to start your course, you will need to apply for a leave of absence (rather than a deferral) through your faculty. If your student visa has already been granted, it may be cancelled and you will need to apply for a new visa for your revised commencement date.

However, if you need to delay starting your course because of medical, compelling or compassionate circumstances, you may be allowed to retain your student visa. Please contact our International Student Advisers to find out how a Leave of Absence or Suspension will impact your student visa. Email:

You will need to supply supporting documentation to the University, so it can make an informed decision on your case.

For more advice about the process of applying for a leave of absence and possible implications on your student visa, see the International Student Office's information on Leave of absence and Suspension.