Application Processing Fee

The University of Sydney charges an application processing fee (APF) for applications from international students. This fee is A$100 (in Australian dollars), and is non-refundable. Some students are exempt from the fee (see Exemptions below).

You need to pay the APF at the same time as you make your application. The University cannot process your application until it receives this payment

How can I pay the fee?

You can pay the APF by credit card (MasterCard or Visa), by completing the secure online credit card payment stage at the end of the online application form.


You will be granted an exemption from the application processing fee if you are:

  • currently enrolled in a University of Sydney course
  • a current applicant at the University of Sydney – for example if you already have an application underway, and you wish to change your preferred course or commencement semester
  • a sponsored student – for example, a recipient of an Australian Development Scholarship (AusAID) or another Full Tuition Fee scholarship (if so, your application needs to include a letter confirming this)
  • an exchange student (incoming), in Sydney on a student exchange program from one of our partner universities.
  • a Study Abroad student (incoming).
  • a Cotutelle student (studying your degree at the University of Sydney and a partner institution)
  • granted an exemption by a University of Sydney staff member during an official interview or recruitment event (see details below).


Staff members of the University of Sydney often meet future students at overseas exhibitions and interview programs. These staff are authorised to waive the application processing fee if they have closely examined your application and:

  • the application form is correctly completed in all areas
  • complete (or nearly complete) transcripts are attached
  • all attached documents are properly certified.

The staff member must personally examine the application before granting an APF exemption.

University of Sydney representatives (agents) do not have the authority to waive the APF.