Meet our academics

We attract some of the best academics in the world to Sydney: people whose brilliance, passion and academic rigour drives them to make life-changing breakthroughs in their area of expertise. That’s why they make great teachers.

Sydney minds are making a difference wherever you look.

Our scientists are developing cleaner fuels and more sustainable agriculture practices to help tackle climate change. Our doctors are tackling chronic ‘lifestyle diseases’ such as obesity. Our engineers are pioneering innovative ways to use robotics that will improve human safety, while our lawyers are helping to shape public policy to support those in need. And that’s just a tiny fraction of the work going on here.

The high quality of our staff means we consistently rank among the top three research universities in Australia. Major funding bodies and donors recognise the strength of our researchers, entrusting us with millions of dollars to pursue the next breakthroughs that will improve and transform our lives.

As a postgraduate student, we will expose you to excellence by studying alongside these academics, and in some cases contributing to their research. They share their knowledge and their passion with you, in a learning environment that transforms your thinking and ignites new ideas.

Professor Shane White

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – Department of History

Professor White is rewriting Black American cultural history through the eyes of ordinary people.

Professor Maria Fiatarone Singh

Faculty of Health Sciences

Professor Singh is improving the quality of life for an ageing population.

Professor Kate White

Sydney Nursing School

Professor White is supporting nurses who care for cancer patients and their families.

Photo of Professor Richard Trethowan

Professor Richard Trethowan

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – Faculty of Agriculture and Environment

"I want to produce more food with less water: I am interested in developing crop cultivars that use water more efficiently."

Photo of Professor Marian Baird

Professor Marian Baird

The University of Sydney Business School

"The lack of women in senior management and on boards is the hot topic in Australian business today. I plan to set up a research project that investigates the most judicious way of improving women's participation in senior business positions."

Photo of A/Prof. Jingdong Yuan

Associate Professor Jingdong Yuan

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – Centre for International Security Studies

"The University has launched the China Studies Centre, which is very attractive because the University does have a critical mass of China Studies scholars – around 150 members – affiliated with the centre."