Meet our students

When you study here, you become part of a community where people are valued for their diversity – where new ideas and unique perspectives are always welcome.

The University is currently home to 50,000 students – more than 33,000 undergraduate students and 17,000 postgraduate students – and we welcome more than 10,000 international students from 147 countries all over the world, making this a truly international environment.

What our students all have in common is a thirst for knowledge and a passion for challenging that knowledge. We also value teamwork as highly as knowledge, and our students work together to enhance their learning experience.

At the University of Sydney you enjoy access to the latest thinking and are encouraged to express yourself. Our teachers and your fellow students will inspire you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Photo of Stefan Gruber Photo of Chun Liang Photo of Vidya Perera

“Sydney Law School has a strong tradition of excellence in legal education and is among the most renowned law schools in the world. My research has benefitted enormously from generous financial support from Sydney Law School as I was awarded a scholarship for the duration of my candidature and several travel grants to attend international conferences.”
Stefan Gruber
PhD in Law

“The University has been a wonderful place to study where I’ve had opportunities to work with a large group of researchers. My PhD project will assist land management strategy and climate research in Australia, and hopefully have applications worldwide”
Chun Liang
PhD Sustainable Agrosystems

“Pharmacy research covers the world’s most challenging problems. My research allows me to make a positive difference to people’s lives.”
Vidya Perera
PhD in Clinical Pharmacy and Drug Development