Recognised international secondary qualifications

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To be accepted into an undergraduate course at the University of Sydney, you need to have completed certain recognised senior secondary (high school) qualifications.

Admission to the University is highly competitive, so simply completing one of these qualifications does not guarantee you a place in your chosen course. You also need to have achieved a certain result in that qualification.

If your qualification is not listed here, there are other ways you can become eligible to enrol.

Below is a list of secondary qualifications recognised by the University of Sydney, including general international and national qualifications. The second table lists the qualifications in order of the country from which they originate, but you may be able to obtain them from other countries as well.

General international qualifications recognised by the University of Sydney

Qualification name

Qualification level you need to have completed

Advanced International Certificate of Education

Pass level or above

Cambridge Pre-University Diploma

Accepted (from 2010 onwards) with required score.

European Baccalaureate

Completion of ONE of the following:

  • Diplome du Baccalaureate European
  • Zeugnis der Europaischen Reifeprufung
  • Diploma di Licenze Liceale Europea
  • Europees Baccalaureaats Diploma

GCE A Levels

A minimum of three Advanced Level (A2) subjects are required. At most one A2 level or AS level subject may be included from the preceding academic year or at most one A2 level subject may be included from the following academic year.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

University entry is based on the total score for completed Diploma.

East African Advanced Certificate of Education


West African Higher School Certificate

Principal Level

West African General Certificate of Education

Advanced Level 

National qualifications recognised by the University of Sydney


Qualifications you need to have completed


Reifezeugnis; Matura; Reifeprufungszeugnis; Maturazeugnis


Diploma d'Aptitude a acceder a l'enseignement superieur'; Bekwaamheidsdiploma dat verleert tot het hoger onderwijs; Getuigschrift van hoger secundair onderwijs; Certificat d'humanities

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Secondary School Leaving Certificate


Zrelostno Svidetelstvo; Diploma za Zavrsheno Sredno Obrazovanie


Alberta High School Diploma; British Columbia Senior Secondary School Graduation Diploma; Manitoba High School Graduation Diploma; Newfoundland Provincial High School Graduation Certificate; New Brunswick High School Graduation Diploma; Nova Scotia High School Completion Certificate; Ontario Secondary School Diploma; Prince Edward Island High School Graduation Certificate; Quebec Diploma of Collegial Studies; Saskatchewan Complete Division IV Grade XII Standing


Achievement of a Tier One result in the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, commonly known as the Gaokao. For detailed entry scores, refer to the Academic requirement page


Croatian Matura (2010 and onwards)

Czech Republic

Vysvedceni o Maturitni Zkousce; Maturita


Studentereksamen (from a Gymnasium); Bevis for Hojere Forberedelseksamen; Tekniskeksamen; Handelseksamen

Eire (Republic of Ireland)

Leaving Certificate; Matriculation Certificate


Fijian Seventh Form Certificate


Ylioppilastutkintotodistus; Studenteksamensbetyg


French Baccalaureat


Abiturientenzeugnis; Reifezeugnis; Zeugnis der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife; Zeugnis der Reife


State University/General Entrance Examination; Greek Panhellenic Examination

Hong Kong

Completion of at least three Hong Kong Advanced Level subjects in one academic year (up to 2013); Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (from 2012 onwards)


Gimnaziumi Erettsegi Bizonyitvany; Erettsegi Vizsga; Matura; Szakkozepiskolai Erettsegi_kepesity Bizonyitvany


Studentsprof (from a Gymnasium)


All India Senior School Certificate (CBSE); Indian School Certificate


Teudat Bagrut


Diploma di Maturita Classica; Diploma Maturita Scientifica; Diploma di Maturita Linguistica


Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education; Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education

Korea (South) 

Korea Republic College Scholastic Ability Test


Lebanese Baccalaureat


Liechtenstein Maturitatszeugnis


Diplome de Fin d'Etudes Secondaires


Macedonian Secondary School Leaving Certificate or Matura (2008 and onwards)


Sijil Tinggi Perskolahan Malaysia (STPM); Malaysian Matriculation Certificate (Matrikulasi)


University of Malta Advanced Matriculation Examinations


Montenegro Secondary School Leaving Certificate (2010 and onwards)


Voorbereidend Wetnschappelijik Onderwijs (VWO) (from a Gymnasium, Atheneum or Lyceum)

New Zealand

National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA); University Bursary


Examen Artium; Vitnemal Den Videregaende Skole; Eksamen fra Okonomisk Gymnas


Matura; Swiadectwo Dojrzalosci Liceum Ogolnoksztalcacego; Swiadectwo Dojrzalosci Liceum Zawodowego; Swiadectwo Dojrzalosci Technikum Zawodowego; Swiadectwo Dojrzalosci Technikum; Egzamin Maturalny


Carta do Curso Complementar Liceus; Certifico de fim de Estudos Secundarios; Diploma de Decimo Segundo Ano de Escolaridad; Certidao do Decimo Segundo Ano; Diploma Tecnico Profissional


Diploma de Bacalaureat (Maturitate)


Scottish Certificate of Education (SCE) (with passes obtained in two sittings or less over four or more subjects at the Higher Level); National Courses


Serbian School Leaving Certificate (Diploma o Zavrsenok Srednjoj Skolij) (from 2006 onwards, with required score)


Singapore GCE A levels

Slovak Republic

Vysvedceni o Maturitni Zkousce; Maturita (with required score)

Slovenia (Republic of)

Slovenian Matura (Splosna Matura); Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Maturitetno Spricevalo) (from 1994, with required score)

South Africa

J.M.B. Matriculation Certificate; South African Senior Certificate (prior to 2008); South African National Senior Certificate (2008 onwards)


Technico Especialista; Curso pre-universitaria; Curso de Orientacion Universitaria

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan GCE A levels


Studentexamen; Gymnaisie Kompetens; Avgangsbetyg fran Gymnaiseskolan


Federal Maturity Certificate (Certificate de Maturite; Baccalaureat; Maturitatszeugnis; Attestato di Maturita


Tanzanian Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education


Thailand Certificate of Secondary Education (Matayom 6)


Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education

United Kingdom

GCE A Levels (see ‘General international qualifications’ above)


Completion of at least one 'Advanced Placement Tests' with a minimum grade of B or score of 4, presented with required SAT or ACT results and evidence of graduation from a senior secondary qualification


Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) GCE A Levels