Financial support

Loan schemes for international students

The Student Recruitment and Admissions Group have dedicated International Loan Schemes Advisers who can assist in the disbursement and maintenance of loans from a student’s home government.

If you are from Canada, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom or the United States (U.S.), you may be eligible to apply for education loans from government departments in your home country.

The University of Sydney also accepts financial payments from students who are eligible for a range of U.S. Veteran Affairs Benefit Programs.

If you are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, you may be eligible for U.S. Financial Aid through the U.S. Department of Education’s Direct Loan Program or apply for a private education loan. For specific information on loans for United States Citizens, refer to U.S. student loans & benefits Website.

If you are a citizen of Canada you may be eligible for various typed of funding through the federal and/or provincial governments in Canada. The International Loan Schemes Advisers can assist with the maintenance of your student loan and tax paperwork. For specific information on student loans for Canadian citizens, refer to Canadian student loans & tax forms.

If you are from a Scandinavian country or the United Kingdom please refer to the student loans from other regions page.

For more information on international loan program, please contact the International Loan Schemes Advisers on +61 2 8627 8336 or .