Before you arrive in Sydney

CHECKLIST: Things to do before you arrive in Sydney

Before you leave home, complete this checklist to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible.



Make sure your passport and student visa are valid and up-to-date, and then book your airline tickets.


Have medical/dental check-ups, and obtain at least a month’s supply of any prescription medicines you need.


Organise at least temporary accommodation in Sydney, either on or off campus. Read our advice on temporary accommodation and Tips for starting a search, and visit the Accommodation Information Service website.


Pack a folder containing all of your important documents such as your passport, airline ticket, student visa, and place it in your hand luggage, along with any other valuables. Make sure you take several photocopies of your passport.


Pack an address book with contact details of family, friends and your home country's embassy in Australia.


Pack spare pairs of glasses or contact lenses and any medicines you will need.


Check Australia's customs and import requirements and identify any items you cannot bring or which you will need to declare at the airport on arrival (for example, certain types of food). Read advice from the Australian Goverment on what can be brought or sent to Australia.


Make sure your hand luggage complies with airline requirements (isn’t too big or heavy, or contains any prohibited items).


Buy padlocks for your luggage and secure them to all of your bags.


Have at least A$1500 available for use when you arrive in Sydney (plus approximately A$300 in cash).


Decide how you will get from Sydney airport to your accommodation. Research transport options and their costs at