A day in the life of Ashé DeBiaso

Bachelor of Science (Advanced)

Photo of Ashé DeBiaso

7am Head downstairs to the dining hall at Sancta Sophia College to grab breakfast and catch up with some of the other girls.

9am Into the lab for our toxicology practical. Today we’re testing tablets to discover what kind of drug they are.

12pm Walk next door to attend a pharmacology lecture. Now we’re in third year the lectures have become quite cosy, with almost everyone knowing each other.

1pm Get a coffee from Ralph’s café on campus before having lunch with friends on one of the lawns.

3pm Time for my anatomy tutorial. I get to examine actual examples of the muscles and organs I’ve been learning about.

6pm Monday night is formal dinner at the college, so we arrive in academic robes and hear a speech by a special guest, as well as a musical performance.

8pm Off to the gym with a few friends – great motivation to keep fit during times when we aren’t playing sport for the college.