Studying at university


How does Sydney Uni make the transition from school to university easier?

The University runs special activities for Orientation in February to help smooth the transition process. Some faculties also offer additional orientation and transition activities. Re-orientation programs are run throughout the second semester.

What scholarships are available?

The University of Sydney has greatly expanded the funds available to students through scholarships, loans, bursaries and financial assistance. The Government has also increased scholarship funding through its Commonwealth Learning Scholarships. For students who are interested in taking an exchange opportunity the Commonwealth has also set up a loans program to help out with expenses such as airfares and accommodation. More information is available from the Scholarships Office.

How many hours of classes will they attend each week?

This will depend on the degree they are studying. Generally, science-based subjects have more contact hours than arts or humanities subjects, which require more independent learning.

Does the Uni have overseas exchanges?

The University offers a number of exchange opportunities in a wide range of countries to students in most degrees.

Will Sydney Uni help them find a job?

Sydney University has a comprehensive careers service that offers confidential careers counseling, job skills seminars and employer interview programs.

What computing facilities are available? Will my child need to buy a computer?

Computers are essential to university education, not only for word processing essays but also for research, revision and even accessing exam results. Because not all of our students have access to computing facilities we provide all students with access to a number of computing sites around campus with networked computers, printers and software which students can use free of charge.


When your child comes to the University your relationship with us will not be quite the same as you had with her/his school. The University is subject to privacy legislation and cannot disclose personal information about its students, even confirming if someone is actually enrolled, without the consent of the student concerned. Of course, there are some exceptions to this such as when matters of life or safety are concerned or when there is a legal requirement for the University to disclose the information. Otherwise, the University's staff are not permitted to give information about students. Please do not be offended if you are told the University is not able answer a question about your child without their consent. You can find out more about privacy at the University.