Accommodation and living costs

Student Accommodation Services

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Choosing where to live may be one of the biggest decisions you’ll make when starting at university, but it does not need to be daunting, and we offer plenty of help.

We recommend that you read the information from Student Accommodation Services if you are moving to Sydney or getting ready to move into your own place.

This website gives you advice on how to decide where to live, budgeting, public transport options and costs, as well as tips to ensure that you are aware of all your rights and responsibilities in renting.

Set-up costs for interstate or international students arriving in Sydney

This information outlines the initial set-up costs you will have when you relocate to Sydney. Please note that these figures are estimates only.

Expense/item International student living on campus International student living off campus Family living off-campus (two adults plus one child)
Temporary hostel room (one week) $250 ($35 p/night) $700 ($100 p/night)
Furniture rental (one year) $2080+ ($40 p/week) $3120+ ($60 p/week)
Connecting gas, electricity, phone and internet $340 $340
Rental bond (refundable) $600 to $1200 (four weeks rent: $150 to $300+) $1400 to $2,000 (four weeks rent: $350 to $500+)
Residential college bond (refundable) $900
Total arrival costs $900 $3270 to $3870 $5560 to $6160

Your living costs

The following table provides a rough guide to what it costs an average student to live in Sydney. Most students spend from $350 to $400 per week. Please note that these figures are estimates only.

Item Student living on campus (per week) Student living off campus (per week) Family living off campus (two adults plus one child – per week)
Rent $200 to $300 (single room) $350 to $500+ (small flat) 
Utilities (gas, electricity, phone, Internet) $35 $45
Food $80 $170
Residential college (includes rent, meals, utilities and other fees) $365 (single room with shared amenities)
Health insurance (for international students) $7.20 $7.20 $15
Estimated total weekly living expenses $373 $323 to $423+ $580 to $730+

Additional costs

Item Cost
Travel $35 p/week
Laundry $10 p/week
Entertainment/personal $50 p/week
Stationery and textbooks $15 p/week depending on your course
Childcare $70 p/day
Other school expenses* $100 p/month
Trips or specific course equipment Contact your faculty

*If you are an AusAID visa holder (576) your child pays no school tuition fee.

Here are some important notes about these costs:

  • All prices quoted in the tables are approximate examples and a guide only. Prices will vary depending if you are staying in a house or apartment, on the location, the size of the place and lifestyle of each person.
  • All amounts are in Australian dollars (AU$) and include the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in most of the prices above. GST is not refundable.
  • University of Sydney tuition fees are not included in the table.
  • Students should account for a five percent increase in living expenses each year.

Find out more about financial support for you at the University of Sydney.