Financial support

At the University of Sydney we offer five main avenues of financial support. It’s helpful to think of them separately, as each has a different timeline and application process.


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We offer hundreds of scholarships to help you achieve all your goals at the University of Sydney and give you the financial freedom to focus on your study and other commitments.

You need to apply for most of our scholarships well before you start studying, by September of the year before your course begins. You can apply for most of our school leavers’ scholarships by filling in just one application form.

While you’re at uni, there are ongoing scholarships you can apply for as well.

The Scholarships Office website will give you more information on faculty scholarships, specific scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and sports scholarships through the Elite Athletes Program.

Australian Government OS-HELP Loan Scheme

OS-HELP is a loan available to eligible Australian students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place who have been approved to undertake some of their study overseas for credit. For more information, please visit the OS-HELP Loan Scheme page.


You need to pay for your course fees at the start of semester, by the date indicated on your online invoice. As a Commonwealth-supported student, the federal government will pay a large portion of your course fees. Eligible students can access HECS-HELP assistance – they can either pay upfront with a 10 percent HECS-HELP discount or obtain a full or part HECS-HELP loan. If you obtain a HECS-HELP loan, you will start paying your loan when the income is above a certain amount (in 2013-2014 financial year, the minimum threshold is $51,309).

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSA) and SA-HELP

You need to pay the Student Services and Amenities (SSA) fee by the date indicated on your online invoice. In 2012 the federal government set the fee at $263, and it will be indexed annually thereafter. If you would like to defer paying this fee, you may be eligible to apply for an SA-HELP loan from the government. Find out more about the SSA fee and SA-HELP.

  • Visit the government’s Study Assist website to find out about other ways to finance your tertiary studies.


Another avenue to check is whether you’re eligible for a Centrelink allowance at least six months before your uni course starts. Centrelink assistance is only available for Australian residents, with some restrictions.

Other financial help during your studies

If you are having financial difficulties while you’re studying, we offer bursaries (payments for students in need), interest-free loans and emergency financial help, which you can apply for at any time during your studies.

Our Careers Centre can help you explore your career interests and options, and find casual, part-time and vacation employment that fits in with your studies. Register to view the jobs database online and to receive job alerts by email.