Learning assistance

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We have plenty of support available to improve your learning experience.

Services such as the University Library, the Learning Centre and the Mathematics Learning Centre offer workshops, print-based and online study materials and other support to help you develop and enhance your study skills.

Learning Centre

Our Learning Centre provides you with resources to build and extend your skills, to help you realise your potential at university. Our services include workshops for undergraduate and postgraduate students on academic writing, critical reading, oral presentation skills and time management.

Mathematics Learning Centre

The Mathematics Learning Centre offers bridging courses and assists eligible undergraduate students to develop the mathematical knowledge, skills and confidence they need for studying mathematics or statistics at university. We offer free individual assistance and small group tutorials, and we charge fees for our bridging courses.

You can also improve your English at the Centre for English Teaching.

If you are interested in speeding up the time it takes to complete your degree, repeating units of study or reducing your normal semester workload, you can take intensive versions of full-fee award subjects during the summer and winter breaks. We offer these options through our Summer and Winter Schools.

We also offer a number of bridging courses if you need to get up to speed for university study in areas such as mathematics and science.

We offer a wide range of programs and services to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students’ participation in university, and support your involvement in all aspects of education and life at the University of Sydney. The Koori Centre provides tutorial assistance, access to computers, an Indigenous Research Library, study space and assistance in study and learning skills, while Yooroang Garang is the centre of Indigenous support on our Cumberland Campus and provides programs such as the Special Admission (Cadigal) Program and the Aboriginal Health Sciences Science Support program.