International students coming to Sydney

Every year, hundreds of students from around the world are welcomed to the University of Sydney under the Study Abroad and Student Exchange programs. These programs allow you to complete a semester or a year of your degree at the University of Sydney. Most courses are open to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Depending on your home university's grading requirements, you may also be able to have the results you get at the University of Sydney credited towards your degree back home.

The Study Abroad program is where you enrol and pay your semester’s fees to the University of Sydney.

Student Exchange is a tuition fee waiver program. This means that your exchange here is part of your course at your home university.

The University of Sydney has an extensive range of student exchange programs with universities throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Students should check with their home institution's Exchange Office about the application process.

Why consider studying abroad at Sydney Uni

There are many benefits to studying a term or a year at the University of Sydney as part of your degree. The University of Sydney is amongst the top 100 universities worldwide. Many of our academics, your teachers, are leaders in their field giving you insights into the latest thinking and research in your field. We create leaders. At the University of Sydney we teach you think critically and find solutions to real world problems.

Participating in the Study Abroad and Student Exchange programs is an exciting and challenging way of broadening your horizons in a new environment. You can:

  • increase the academic opportunities that you have
  • establish professional and career opportunities through networking
  • improve language skills and cultural understanding
  • develop your self confidence and social skills

University of Sydney units of study (subjects) are widely accepted overseas, however, your home institution will decide what credit will be given for the units you complete. Make sure you carefully check these requirements with your home institution before enrolling in any unit of study. Find out more

Available units of study

A unit of study is the class (subject) in which students enrol. Most undergraduate Study Abroad and Exchange students select 1000-3000 level units in areas that they have already studied at their home institution.

Study Abroad Internship Program

This program gives you the opportunity to reinforce your academic study with relevant industry experience. The Study Abroad Internship is worth 6 credit points. In general, students selected for the program will enrol in 3 units plus the internship.