What can I study?

students in classroom

A unit of study is the class (subject) in which students enrol. Most undergraduate Study Abroad and Exchange students select 1000-3000 level units in areas that they have already studied at their home institution.

  • 1000 level units of study are introductory or Lower Division units (equivalent to USA Freshman or Sophomore level)
  • 2000 level units are Intermediate level units (equivalent to USA Junior level)
  • 3000 level units are Senior level units (equivalent to USA Senior level)

Please note that postgraduate level units (5000-level or higher) are not open to undergraduate students.

Choosing units of study

You will generally only enrol in 4 units each semester, but you should select at least 8 units of study when you apply. This will give you flexibility to finalise your units once you arrive.

How to find units of study

  1. Go to our course search page: Find a course.
  2. From the ‘Areas of Interest’ drop down box choose ‘Units of Study’
  3. Click ‘Show advanced options’
  4. In the ‘Available for study abroad and exchange’ box choose ‘Yes’
  5. Enter a keyword or unit code into the search box and click ‘search’

Course descriptions and prerequisites

The resulting list of available units cannot be filtered to show availability by semester so you’ll need to click on the entry.

To confirm the semester in which the unit of study is being offered, see the prerequisites and read a short description of the course click on the hyper-linked unit code next to Unit of study handbook. Simply choose the correct line according to semester offered and the details will be displayed.

Please note any published prerequisites which you will need to meet in order to be approved to enrol on that unit of study. If it is unclear on your transcript whether you meet the prerequisite you should submit the relevant course syllabi to support your request.

Areas with specific requirements

If you intend to apply for units from any of the following disciplines that have prerequisite requirements you must submit detailed information about your previous studies in the form of full course outlines (syllabi). The appropriate academic advisors will then assess your eligibility.

  • Accounting (ACCT units)
  • Business Law (CLAW units)
  • Information Systems (INFS units)
  • Marketing (postgraduate – MKTG5000 and higher units)
  • Operations Management and Econometrics (QBUS units)
  • Social Work (SCWK units)

and all units taught by the following faculties:

  • Health Sciences
  • Veterinary Science

If you want to study another language here at the university, language departments generally offer two levels each year: one for students with a basic knowledge of the language, usually acquired through high school study (stream A), and one for beginners with no knowledge of the language (stream B). Sometimes a third, intermediate level is offered in first year: AB units are designed for students with some knowledge of the language. You may be asked to do a placement test at the beginning of each semester to work out which stream you should be in.