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To be considered for the Study Abroad or Student Exchange Programs you must meet both the:

You may apply via either directly to the University or via one of our many partners.

The University's partners include overseas universities and study abroad organisations (also known as program partners), as well as registered University of Sydney agents.

Academic Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for the Study Abroad or Student Exchange Programs you:

  • will normally have completed at least one year of study towards a degree at a recognised institution in your home country and are continuing towards the degree at your home institution (students seeking admission straight from an overseas high school may be eligible under certain conditions);
  • must have achieved a cumulative grade (over all results in your degree) of either 'Credit' or 'Good' average, or a cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 point scale, or an average grade of 'C' or better on the European ECTS grading scale (or equivalent);
  • must have a letter of nomination from your home institution if you are applying for the Exchange Program.

Postgraduate Applicants

In addition, students who wish to access postgraduate coursework or postgraduate research must have completed the equivalent of an Australian Bachelor degree and submit substantiating evidence (testamur).

Furthermore, postgraduate research applicants must have written support from their supervisor in their home university, and a supervisor at the University of Sydney who has agreed to support their research whilst on exchange at the University of Sydney. A one page research proposal is also required.

Additional Requirements for the Study Abroad Internship Program

Students who wish to participate in the Study Abroad Internship Program will need to meet additional eligibility criteria.

Citizenship Restriction

Note that if you are an Australian citizen, permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand citizen, you cannot apply for the Study Abroad Program. You may, however, be permitted to apply for the Exchange Program if you are nominated by your home university under a partnership agreement. Contact if you have any questions.