Costs and fees

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Fees include charges for tuition, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and Student Services Amenities Fee (SSAF). Some units of study may have additional costs for field trips, lab units and lecture notes.

Tuition fees

The 2015 tuition fee for Study Abroad students is AUD $12,000 per semester for a standard enrolment load of 24 credit points.

Students applying for the Postgraduate Research Study Abroad will be required to pay tuition fees (AUD$12,000 per semester in 2015/2016) and overseas student health cover (OSHC).

Study Abroad - Scholarship Students

Students who plan to apply for funding/scholarship e.g. Faculty, CSC or Science Without Borders (SWB) students to pay their tuition fees should consult the relevant funding body directly for advice on how to gain the tuition fee component.

Scholarship recipients must also provide a letter of financial guarantee confirming payment for tuition fees and OSHC prior to acceptance

Student Exchange is a fee-waiver program and tuition fees do not apply.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

The Australian government requires all international students and their families to pay for their own health insurance in Australia through the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) scheme. You may choose to purchase OSHC through the University of Sydney or you can arrange your own OSHC independently through an approved provider. Only the following students are exempt from paying the Australian Overseas Students Health Cover:

  • Swedish students covered by CSN International (the Swedish National Board of Student Aid) or Kammarkollegiet (the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administration Agency)
  • Norwegian students covered by the National Norwegian Insurance Scheme
  • New Zealand students who come to Australia on a non-student visa. These students have entitlements under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement between Australia and New Zealand.
  • Belgian students covered by the Belgian Government Insurance Scheme

Find out more about OSHC through the university

Additional costs

Some courses have additional costs for material, equipment or fieldtrips which may range from AUD$50 to AUD$200.

There will also be additional costs for text books, which can vary from A$200 to A$600 per year depending on your course. These can be purchased from the Co-Op bookshop on campus.

This is not an exhaustive list and you should contact the faculty to find out more.

Sydney Living Costs

The table below details approximate establishment and ongoing costs you may incur while studying at the university and living in Sydney. This table should be used only as a guide, as individual spending may vary.



Approximate  Cost Per Week

On-campus accommodation (guaranteed at Urbanest)

$325 (twinshare)

Off-campus share housing (independently organised)

$250 plus utilities (gas, phone, internet, etc.)

Food / Groceries


Transport (dependent on proximity to university)

$54 (MyMulti2)

ACCESS Membership (on and off-campus student discounts)


Cinema tickets (student discount)


Gym membership (Sydney Uni Sports & Fitness)

$60 /year

Gym Package Pass Gold Unlimited (student discount)

$484 for 6 months


  • Set-up costs of a few hundred dollars may apply e.g. rental bond, hire of furniture, utility connections
  • Accommodation prices vary depending on the condition of the property, the number of people you share with and the proximity of the accommodation to the centre of Sydney and other amenities

Refund policy

Please read the complete refund policy for international students. If you have any questions about how this policy relates to Study Abroad and Exchange students please contact us directly.


The University of Sydney does not have any scholarships available specifically for Study Abroad and exchange students. Most international scholarships are available to students studying a full degree.

Your country's government may support you to study overseas. You should contact the appropriate authority in your home country to find out more about these possible funding opportunities.