Focus on: Latin America

At the University of Sydney, our researchers are working with Latin American partners to find solutions to some of the world’s most complex problems.

We are working together in areas such as climate change, health, agriculture, transport and engineering to bring about ongoing improvements.

At a national level, the relationship between Australia and Latin America is expanding rapidly and we are proud to play a part in this growing friendship and regional connectivity.

Over the past two decades Latin America has seen a consolidation of democratic systems and social stability, coupled with strong economic growth. It has witnessed a quiet revolution, with upward economic mobility lifting people out of poverty and producing a huge social transformation. Millions of people across the region have seen an improvement in their living standards.

Latin America’s research capacity and output is also gaining worldwide attention and the region’s universities are rising quickly in international rankings. More than 60 of our academics are involved in collaborations in the region and we have active agreements with leading universities in Brazil, Argentine, Chile and Mexico. We are also proud of our growing network of alumni.

Our research partnerships and Latin American students, with their irrepressible energy and drive, make an invaluable contribution to the life of the University.

Highlighted projects
Science Without Borders

Find out more about the Science Without Borders program, which is funded by the Brazilian federal government. This video (in Portuguese) was made by Science Without Borders Students Douglas Carrion and Guga Akutsu. It includes interviews with Brazilian students and academics talking about their experiences at the University of Sydney.

03:29 minutes Download video (mp4, 49 Mb)

Rewards program helps robots think for themselves

Fabio Ramos tells us more about the risks involved in everything from robots to geothermal exploration. Produced by Ted Sealey.