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Country manager

Danielle Somers

Key Partners

  • Ministry of Health - Democratic Republic of Timor Leste
  • Dili National Hospital of Guido Valadares, Dili

Teaching and learning

Building critical care workforce capacity via a professional development training collaboration

The Office for Global Health and Sydney Medical School are working with the Timorese Ministry of Health and Dili National Hospital of Guido Valadares Dili to build the critical care and emergency workforce capacity in Timor Leste.

The program includes:

  • Developing and implementing an evidence-based practical skills focused critical care (emergency medicine and intensive care) training program for health professionals;
  • Developing and implementing an educators’ workshop to teach Timorese clinicians/educators how to develop and run similar workshops;
  • Formulating an ongoing sustainable education development plan for nationwide critical care skills training in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Dili National Hospital, the Institute of Health Sciences, regional hospitals, community health services and other relevant organisations in Timor Leste.
Partner: - Ministry of Health - Democratic Republic of Timor Leste; Dili National Hospital of Guido Valadares, Dili
Funded by:
- AusAID - Public Sector Linkage Program (PSLP)
- Sydney Medical School
- The University of Sydney - International Program Development Fund (IPDF)
Date: Since Jan '09

Timor Leste Health Leaders Program

The Office for Global Health is providing Health Leaders Fellowships Timor Leste’s health-related professionals. The main goal of the program is to identify and train current and future health care, health management, health policy, and health education leaders from Timor Leste. It aims to build capacity within the health care system of Timor Leste by providing short-term placements and training programs in Australia. Each Fellow was chosen because of his/her leadership potential and is expected to impart his/her new-found knowledge to colleagues and students on return to Timor Leste.

The Inaugural 2009 Fellows were:

Mr Joaquim F Soares - Director, Klibur Domin Tibar (Rehabilitation Centre)
Dr Lucio F Babo Soares – Senior Dentist, Centro Community Health Centre
Ms Manuela M S Peirera - Chief of Staff for the Minister of Health, Ministry of Health
Mr Maximiano Neno – Director, Oecusse Regional Hospital
Mr Moises Andrade - Nursing Director, Maubisse Hospital
Mr Augusto Joaquim Pinto - Head, Human Resources Development, Ministry of Health

Funded by:
- AusAID - Public Sector Linkage Program (PSLP)
- Sydney Medical School
Date: Since Mar '09

Sydney Medical School scholarships for Timor-Leste citizens

Sydney Medical School has two Timor-Leste students studying Medicine under the Sydney Medical School sponsored scholarship scheme for Timor Leste (as part of an MOU signed between USYD and the Timor Leste Government). The scholarships include full tuition and living allowances for the duration of the Medical Program (up to five years).

The Timor Leste Medical Students supported under this scheme are:
Noeno Anuno Sarmento
Diana Vieira

More information about the scholarships may be found here.

Funded by:
- Sydney Medical School
Date: Since February 2008

Student Experience

Outgoing University of Sydney Elective and Option students to Timor-Leste
Students experience

Sydney Medical School has a number of key partnerships in Timor-Leste, particularly with the Ministry of Health and the National Hospital in Dili. Several of our students have also completed placements at the Bairo Pite Clinic and the Klibur Domin facility. In 2010, Sydney Medical School will again be involved in health workforce training and development in Timor through AusAID and University funded projects. Students in the medical program will therefore hopefully be able to benefit from the linkages made through these and other initiatives.

Interest Groups

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Our Timor Leste Partnerships 2009

Our Timor Leste Partnerships 2009

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