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China Studies Centre Funded Research Programs


The China Studies Centre supports its own research projects and activities.

A number of funded programs are now open to support research on China and Chinese culture:

  • Cross-disciplinary research projects
  • Major research projects
  • Research development
  • Annual Workshop
  • Small grants research support
  • Visiting Fellowships

More information about research programs may be found here.

Submission: Electronic submission is requested to

International Program Development Fund (IPDF) and the Internal Sydney Medical School Process for applications

The International Program Development Fund (IPDF) is run through the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor International (DVCI) and provides catalyst grants to academic staff to encourage international research collaboration and is an important tool in supporting initiatives in internationalisation. The aim is to foster international partnerships in research, teaching and learning, capacity building and other areas with high profile partners in priority regions. For information please visit

In response to a review of the IPDF process, the DVCI implemented a new online application system last year for IPDF applications. The 2013 round of the IPDF was announced on 15th March. The on-line application opens TUESDAY 10th APRIL.

As we have done previously, the Office for Global Health (OGH) will coordinate an internal advice process for Sydney Medical School applications PRIOR to final online submission to IPDF secretariat (see the INTERNAL SMS DEADLINES below for notifying OGH and requesting assistance). PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER that this year we WILL NOT REVIEW the applications PRIOR to final submission – therefore there is not an internal cut off date for reviewing. Applications will be reviewed by the Office for Global Health on behalf of the Dean AFTER they have been submitted officially by applicants via the online system.

Please make note of the following DEADLINES:

  1. No later than 30th April: SMS staff let OGH know ASAP whether they are thinking of submitting an IPDF application. The sooner you notify us the better
  2. Thursday 12 April, 12–1pm & Tuesday 1 May, 1–2pm: IPDF Information sessions run by DVCI (conference room 2, John Woolley building A20) – WE RECOMMEND YOU ATTEND ONE OF THESE SESSIONS
  3. 10th April–7th May: OGH staff will be available to advise, assist and comment re: process, criteria, SMS priorities, structure etc
  4. **15th May: All IPDF applicants MUST submit their own applications using the online IPDF system by this date. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED BY THE ONLINE SYSTEM
  5. 22th–31th May: the Dean and OGH team to review and rank SMS applications as part of the first stage of the IPDF review process
  6. June–July: DVCI organised IPDF Committee to review university applications and put forward successful applicants to the Deputy Vice Chancellor International
  7. Sept/October: Successful applicants will be notified by Amanda Sayan from the Office of the DVCI
  8. Mid January: Funding is dispensed to successful applicants

Sydney Medical School applications focussing on our research themes and in the following priority countries/regions are strongly encouraged (but not essential): China; South East Asia; India; Pacific

Applications from early career researchers or first time applicants are also encouraged by SMS and the DVCI.

Please contact the relevant OGH Manager listed below if you are planning on submitting an IPDF application or have any questions:

Dilhani Bandaranayake (Senior Manager - International Relations)
Regions/Countries: South Asia; South East Asia (low income countries) Pacific; Europe; Africa

Rhondda Glasson (Executive Officer - Học Mãi The Australia Vietnam Medical Foundation)
Country: Vietnam

If you have any questions regarding the IPDF process please contact: Ms Amanda Sayan (Program Manager IPDF, Office of the DVCI) at