Communications strategies in Indonesian Hospitals – University of Sydney and Universitas Indonesia collaborate

A research collaboration with Universitas Indonesia will explore the communication strategies used within a major teaching hospital in Jakarta. This joint project is supported by the Faculty of Medicine and the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International) via the International Project Development Fund (IPDF) grants.

The project will be led on the Sydney side by Dr Cynthia Hunter, Medical Anthropologist and Lecturer in the School Public Health and on the Indonesian side by Professor Ratna Sitompul, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Indonesia’s prestigious Universitas Indonesia.

“The project has two main aims,” says Cynthia. “The first is to share our expertise and information on the interactional and intercommunicative skills used between clinicians and their teams while providing quality care to patients. The second aim is to provide a platform whereby Universitas Indonesia and the University of Sydney Faculties of Medicine might develop the relationship.”

As part of the project, Indonesian research staff will be trained in qualitative fieldwork techniques. The data will be jointly collected and analysed and the results be disseminated through joint conference presentations and research papers.

Dr Hunter has ethnographic experience in major tertiary hospitals in Australia in the area of quality care and communication. She has spent several years in medical anthropological research in Indonesia.

“We are eager to start the project”, says Cynthia “it is an exciting project and a tangible demonstration of our desire to forge a closer relationship with Universitas Indonesia. And the results of the research will provide a tangible benefit to hospital communications and patient care.”

The project will be underway in May 2009.

Louise Freckelton
March 2009