News 2010


Visit opens new science links with China
Senior officials from China's national research centre for science and technology visited the University of Sydney for talks with academic leaders. More


Child Health Now: why are the most vulnerable forgotten?
One in every 12 Cambodian children and more than nine million children all over the world will die this year from preventable diseases before they turn five. More


Tobacco control curricula in Chinese medical schools
Professor Simon Chapman was interviewed by Chinese television regarding a seminar he addressed in Hangzhou concerning the introduction of tobacco control curricula into medical schools. View the video clip.
Health outcomes for China and Australia
China and Australia have very different health systems but share some common challenges with the rise of chronic disease as the largest preventable cause of death. More

New approach to health care in China
Switching to a system of general practice medicine in China would have a significant impact on the death toll caused by risk factors such as high blood pressure and smoking, says a University of Sydney health specialist.More
This news item first appeared in the British Medical Journal - GP based primary care is only just starting to emerge in China.

Translating research into results
In medical research there is a growing recognition that discoveries in the laboratory, no matter how exciting, count for little unless they can be translated into real-life health benefits. More
Initiatives in Internationalisation
Innovative and sustainable initiatives in internationalisation were today awarded funding by the International Program Development Fund (IPDF) offered by the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International). More
International project grants success!
Eighteen Sydney Medical School projects have been successful in gaining support from the University’s International Project Development Fund (IPDF) for 2011. More
Sydney PhD to Asia 21 Young Leader Summit
Dr Jane Hirst, specialist Obstetrician/Gynaecologist and Lecturer in Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Sydney Medical School – Northern, has been offered a place by the|Asia Society to participate in their invite-only Asia 21 Young Leader Summit in Jakarta from 3-5 December 2010. More
China-Australia Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prevention
Professor Stephen Leeder is leading an important new China-Australia CVD prevention collaborative designed to offer optimal care to patients leaving hospital after a heart attack or stroke. More
From Sydney to Shaanxi: New Survey Method to Help Pregnant Women in China
An innovative survey method is part of a study that will help save the lives of pregnant women and their newborn babies in western China. More
Students collect Expo tickets
Four Sydney medical students are travelling to Shanghai as guests of China Eastern Airlines to take part in the University's translational health symposium at the World Expo. More


Iodine content in salt
Associate Professor Mu Li is interviewed on People in the Know, China Radio International about iodine deficiency in China. More


Success in Australia-China Council Grant
The Faculty of Health Science, in collaboration with the Sydney Medical School has been awarded a prestigious Australian China Council Grant. More
Launch pad for ties with China
The University of Sydney is taking on an active role at the Shanghai Expo. Over the next six months, 70 million people, nearly all of them Chinese, are expected to pass through the gates of the World Expo in Shanghai. More


Ramos-Horta addresses hundreds in the Great Hall of the University of Sydney
His Excellency President José Ramos-Horta was welcomed to the University of Sydney for a public address on Regional Integration and Cooperation. More
Building critical care workforce capacity in Timor Leste
A multidisciplinary team of University of Sydney affiliated doctors and nurses are working with partners in Timor Leste to develop crucial critical care skills. More


University hosts emerging infectious diseases and biosecurity conference
The latest research to combat emerging infectious diseases threatening Australia is being presented at the Sydney Institute of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity Conference at the University of Sydney today. More
Visit from Saudi Arabian delegation broadens research relationships
Mutual collaborations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the University of Sydney have been deepened during a visit led by the Saudi Arabian Minister of Higher Education and a delegation of dignitaries. More
Research looks at bird flu controls
Since December 2003, outbreaks of avian influenza have been reported in poultry populations in South-East Asia and beyond. In light of the disturbing spread of the virus and its potential as the source of the next pandemic, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is working with governments across Asia to respond. More
Building bridges to Indonesia
The disputes that occasionally break out between Indonesia and Australia sometimes obscure a greater truth: that the two Pacific neighbours are bound together by a wealth of common interests and needs. More
By Professor John Hearn. This article first appeared in the Jakarta Post.


Dr Dilhani Bandaranayake - Endeavour Executive Award
[April 2010]
Dr Dilhani Bandaranayake, from the Office for Global Health, applied for an Endeavour Executive Award in a bid to build existing relationships with key figures in health, policy and education in East Timor. More
Mohammed Mubarak Our India Connections newsletter
[April 2010]
This newsletter provides some insight into the growing relationships across teaching, learning and research that Sydney Medical School and its affiliated research institutes are building with key partners in India. More
Dr Anis Karuniawati Birthing Kit Workshop
[April 2010]
Maternal and child health are pressing issues in the developing world. On 27th March, 80 Sydney Medical School students devoted their Saturday to learning about and helping improve post-partum wellbeing for mothers and babies. More


Mohammed Mubarak Training Saudi Arabia’s future health leaders
[March 2010]
Since 2005, the Saudi Arabian Government has entrusted the training of its future health leaders to the University of Sydney. In that first year of the program 60 Saudi students, fresh from their high school experience, arrived in Sydney to begin their training. More
Dr Anis Karuniawati Collaborating with Indonesia on Biosafety and Biosecurity
[March 2010]
The emergence of new infectious diseases such as SARS, H5N1 or bird flu and H1N1 or swine flu has become an increasing concern particularly in the region and consequently issues of biosafety and biosecurity have come into focus. More


The other side of Australia making strides in cancer awareness
[February 2010]
Associate Professor Lyndal Trevena outlines the cancer awareness project - Educate, Screen Treat - underway with rural women in Tamil Nadu. This article by Nidhi Mittal appeared in The Pioneer, Delhi, Wednesday 24th February 2010 page 14 (PDF).
Sydney Medical Program 2010 cohort
[February 2010]
Sydney Medical School warmly welcomes our newest students to the Sydney Medical Program. This year’s cohort again demonstrates great diversity of interests, previous training, cultural origins, gender and age. More


Relations with Indonesia expand
[January 2010]
Sydney Medical School is to sign a number of agreements with Indonesia’s University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) which will promote joint research, joint training of research students and the exchange of medical students. More
Addressing non-communicable disease in Africa
[January 2010]
The University of Sydney's School of Public Health is working with Kenya's leading health authorities to build the country's capacity to respond to the growth of non-communicable diseases. More