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The Grand Opening Ceremony of World Top Medicine Schools' Studying Abroad Program Exhibition
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Sydney seeks Latin partners in fight against NCDs
A team of medical specialists from the University is visiting South America this month, looking to link with researchers and clinicians who are working on non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Read more

Forum seeks answers to challenges facing the Pacific region
The complex range of challenges facing the Pacific region, from social isolation to sustainable resource management, will be aired at an international forum at the University on Friday (7 September). Read more


Forum looks to strengthen links with Gulf states
Australia's growing links with the Gulf region will be discussed at an international forum at the University this Wednesday 5 September. Read more

Tackling cervical cancer in India: a symposium
A symposium held on the 18th August, 2012 in Chennai, India, brought together doctors, researchers, government and non-government workers from across India to discuss simple methods for detecting and treating cervical cancer in the community. Read more

London's bridge is not one too far
All is right on the night. The naysayers are dispersed. As the Olympics roll on, London and the Brits are cresting the wave with a superb backdrop of history, humanity and style. Read more
By Professor John Hearn. First published in The Australian.


Call for AIDS researchers to refocus on elderly Africans
As 20,000 participants meet for the start of the Global AIDS Conference in Washington DC today, a study by the University of Sydney underlines the need for a greater focus on older Africans living with HIV. Read more

Bridge-building a priority for Africa network
A consortium of Australian universities is being formed to strengthen relations with African partners and address the challenges faced by people living in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more

Children missing out in battle against TB
The number of children diagnosed with tuberculosis only represents the tip of the iceberg, according to the University of Sydney's Associate Professor Ben Marais, a specialist in childhood tuberculosis writing in the latest issue of The New England Journal of Medicine. Read more

University secures $2.1 million of AusAID funding
The University has secured seven international grants worth a total of $2.1 million in the latest round of AusAID's Public Sector Linkages Program. Read more



Australian Smart Phone Research to Combat Chronic Disease in Lower and Middle Income Countries
A worldwide initiative to prevent and treat chronic diseases that affect millions of people has been given a boost of $5 million by the Australian Government. Read more

Postcard from Cambodia: Professor Chris Semsarian
Cardiologist Chris Semsarian writes about the remarkable impact of the 500 Hearts project, a University-funded initiative spearheaded by Dr Louise Shewan that involves some of the world's leading heart specialists. Read more


How useful are short-term medical missions?
Australia is a world leader in sending medical personnel to less developed countries to assist with a variety of medical issues but the contribution of these missions has now been examined in a study, led by a University of Sydney academic, which calls for improved transparency, implementation and policymaking. Read more


Australia-first meeting tackles unacceptable maternal and child health in Burma
Unacceptably high maternal and infant mortality rates in Burma are being addressed for the first time in Australia at a conference at the University of Sydney today. Read more

AusAID Public Sector Linkages Program grant awarded to Merrilyn Walton and team
The Activity will focus on building capacity of two large hospitals (Viet Duc and Bach Mai) in Vietnam in the design and implementation of a standardised system for the collection of hospital death data. Read more

2012 International Program Development Fund Round opens 10th April
On-line applications for the University of Sydney's 2012 International Program Development Fund (IPDF) will open on 10 April and close 15th May 2012. The IPDF provides funding to University of Sydney academics to support initiatives in internationalisation. The aim is to foster international partnerships in research, teaching and learning, capacity building and other areas with high-profile partners in priority areas. Read more


Good reason to help Sudanese
George Clooney was arrested last weekend for demonstrating outside the Sudan Embassy in Washington. The focus of his action was the bombing of the people of the Nuba Mountains by the Sudan Armed Forces. Few Australians would realise the special significance of this issue to us, writes Robert G. Cumming, professor of epidemiology at the Sydney School of Public Health. Read more
This article appeared in The Canberra Times, Friday, March 23, 2012

No method in traffic madness
Tourists often assume the chaos on Vietnam's roads does not translate to a high crash rate. Nothing could be further from the truth, writes Anna Hollows. Read more


Report shows strength of our China connections
The strength of the University of Sydney's relationship with China has been highlighted in a new report issued by the Minster for Science and Research, Senator Chris Evans. Read more

University backs dialogue with India
An initiative that brings together 30 young leaders from India and Australia to discuss contemporary economic, social, cultural and political issues, is being launched this week in Delhi. Read more

Quality audit commends the University of Sydney's performance
The University of Sydney has been commended for its strong research performance and its successful efforts to build multidisciplinary and international research collaborations through its highly strategic approach to internationalisation. Read more

University opens door for brightest Chinese students
The University of Sydney's mission to attract the best students domestically and internationally has been given a boost with a new arrangement which will make it easier for China's top students to study here. Read more

Sydney Medical School links with leading Indian researchers in cancer program
Sydney Medical School has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with one of India's largest health and medical universities, the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, and both institutions have committed to working collaboratively in the areas of cancer prevention and treatment. Read more


Postcard from Dien Bien Phu: Dr Kirsty Foster
Sydney Medical School's Dr Kirsty Foster will be making frequent visits to the isolated town of Dien Bien Phu in the mountainous northwest of Vietnam over the next two years as part of a program to develop health care skills in the local community and reduce its terrible maternal and child health mortality rates. Read more