Events 2016

Emerging Health Policy Research Conference

Wednesday, 13 July 2016
University of Sydney

The Emerging Health Policy Research Conference showcases the work in progress of current masters, doctoral and early career research workers, as well as those new to the field of health policy research.

Participation in the Emerging Health Policy Research Conference provides an opportunity to:

  • discuss health policy responses to current local, national and global health challenges;
  • present in progress health policy research to a wide audience of students, academics and practitioners; and
  • discuss new ideas and identify opportunities for collaboration across disciplinary boundaries.

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Australia-China Symposium on Immunity In Tuberculosis

19-20 May 2016
University of Sydney

Tuberculosis remains a major health problem in China and our region. Understanding immune responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis is essential for new approaches to control the infection.

This symposium will bring together the key researchers from China and Australia to discuss the current challenges in tuberculosis control as well as latest breakthroughs in basic and clinical research. The symposium will open opportunities for future research collaborations and training for Chinese and Australian researchers and facilitate the control of tuberculosis in our region.

This year’s symposium will be held jointly with the 5th annual meeting of Australia’s NHMRC Center of Research Excellence in Tuberculosis Control (TB-CRE).

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Tuberculosis Centre for Research Excellence (TB CRE) symposium

18 May 2016
University of Sydney

The TB-CRE will be holding its 5th annual symposium on Tuberculosis control. This year the CRE will be held co-jointly with the Australia-China Symposium on Immunity in Tuberculosis. The CRE symposium will be held on the 18th of May with the Immunology co-joint session held Thursday morning, 19th May. The symposium will begin at the Centenary Institute and progress across to Charles Perkins Centre for Thursday sessions.

Presentations from internationally recognised Chinese reserchers Qian Goa and Tao Luo have been confirmed for Thursday morning and our own CRE investigators Ben Marais and Jamie Triccas will also be presenting.

The symposium will open opportunities for future research collaborations on Tuberculosis and facilitate Tuberculosis control in our region. The symposium will appeal to a wide range of expertise: researchers, clinicians, nurses and those working or interested in Tuberculosis.

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