University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

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Outgoing University of Sydney medical students to Indonesia

Number of places: Up to two University of Sydney students in their fixed elective term will be nominated to represent the Faculty under this scheme. Non-elective students may also apply for the maximum two places.

Institution: This is a relatively new international placement opportunity as part of the Sydney Medical School’s partnership with one of Indonesia’s top medical schools at the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. UGM is Indonesia’s oldest medical school and is located within one of the country’s most historic cities, the capital of Central Java.

Further information about UGM can be found at

For more information about the Sydney Medical School’s Office for Global Health activities in Indonesia please go to the /about/activity-map/seasia.php#indonesia.

Language: Indonesian language skills will be helpful but are not essential. Information on language courses available through the University of Sydney can be found at our Resources pages.

Duration: Up to two students may spend 4-8 weeks on a clinical placement at UGM.

Other: Students applying for this placement may be required to sign a risk declaration form depending on Australian Government Travel Advisories and placements may be cancelled at short notice if required by DFAT.

Travel and living expenses must be borne by students, although some subsidised accommodation may be available.

We hope to add student Impressions to this site shortly.

Applying: Please consult these pages for details on applying for a placement and scholarship support.

Resources: Our resources pages provide some valuable material on your health and safety and on some of the medical conditions and environments you may come across while on placement.

For further enquries contact us.

Incoming UGM students to University of Sydney

The University of Gadjah Mada will nominate up to two students per year for short term elective placement at the University of Sydney. Students should nominate sub-specialty areas of special interest & we will do our best to accommodate individual preferences.

The placements will usually occur in November-December for 4–8 weeks at one of our clinical schools. UGM students will be required to complete application forms for the hospital, and to pay a $100 fee to the Centre for Continuing Education. UGM students will be responsible for their own travel, visa and accommodation costs and arrangements although some guidance and limited subsidised accommodation may be available.

It is suggested that interested students from UGM should browse through the following websites to become familiar with the city of Sydney and the Sydney Medical School.

Information about Australia’s Health can be found at

We also have some Impressions from students of their experiences in Sydney.

Please consult the visitor’s guide on the Office for Global Health web pages for useful information about living in Sydney.

UGM students who wish to apply for an elective placement at the University of Sydney should contact:
Dr Yanri Wijayanti
Internaitonal Office - UGM