Timor Leste

Outgoing University of Sydney medical students to Timor-Leste

Number of places: Up to two students will be nominated to represent the Faculty under this scheme.

Institution: Sydney Medical School has a number of key partnerships across Timor-Leste. These include the Ministry of Health, National Hospital in Dili and the National University of Timor-Leste (UNTL). Several of our students have also completed placements at the Klibur Domin facility in Tibar and Bhakita in Ermera. It is these connections which are utilised for placements for our medical students.

Sydney Medical School has an ongoing role in training health-workers in critical care and a range of collaborations. There may be opportunities to interact with the training fellows through your placement.

Students should be prepared for health conditions and environments considerably different to those one might find in high-income countries like Australia.

Language: Students applying to go to Timor-Leste under this program should consider undertaking some language training in Tetun, Portuguese or Indonesian. Some competency in these languages would be helpful for your placement but not essential. Information on language courses available through the University of Sydney can be found at our Resources pages.

Duration: This placement is 4–8 weeks in duration.

Other: Travel and living expenses must be borne by students.

We will add to the Impressions section of this site as student stories are submitted. Interested students are advised to check this section for updates.

Applying: Please consult these pages for details on applying for a placement and scholarship support.

Resources: Our resources pages provide some valuable material on your health and safety and on some of the medical conditions and environments you may come across while on placement.

For further inquiries contact us.