Kingdom of Tonga, Ministry of Health

Outgoing University of Sydney elective students to the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Tonga

Number of places: Up to two University of Sydney students in their fixed elective term will be nominated to represent the Faculty under this scheme.

Institution: This is a new opportunity offered through our expanding partnership with the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Tonga and through the Sydney Medical School Foundation Program “an environmental approach to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases”. This program is led by the Health and Sustainability Unit (HSU) of the University of Sydney’s Boden Institute. HSU works extensively in Pacific Island countries in the area of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) – notably diabetes and CVD. Placements with the Tonga Ministry of Health offer elective students opportunities for clinical and population health in hospital and community setting under the responsibility of senior clinicians and public health physicians. It also offers the possibility of involvement in research activities of the HSU and/or the host country. The Ministry of Health information can be accessed at

Language: You will have be able to work entirely in English for this placement but some knowledge of Tongan would be helpful.

Duration: These placements are 4–8 weeks in duration.

Other: Students will be responsible for their own travel, accommodation and living expenses and arrangement.

Applying: Please consult these pages for details on applying for a placement and scholarship support.

Resources: Our resources pages provide some valuable material on your health and safety and on some of the medical conditions and environments you may come across while on placement.

For further enquiries contact us.