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International Experiences for Sydney Medical Program

The Office for Global Health (OGH) is committed to internationalising our approaches to teaching and learning. One way in which we aim to achieve this objective is by providing opportunities for students to develop their understanding of global health issues within the Sydney Medical Program (SMP). Many students choose to organise their own international experiences. However, the placements on this website are faculty-developed and considered to be an important part of the student mobility component of our key partnerships.

Details of the placements, how to apply and previous students impressions can be found on these pages. Please refer to them carefully.

NB: Outside these OGH placements, the Sydney Medical Program also has special arrangements allowing international students to undertake some of their training in their home country. International students should consult the SMP website about that policy. It is possible for international students to be successful in gaining an OGH placement which happens to coincide in their home country but this cannot be guaranteed. All student applications are treated equally for the OGH placements and are assessed on the criteria outlined on this website (which does not include nationality).

The Dean’s Scholarship Program and other opportunities for financial assistance

There are numerous scholarships and prizes that students can apply for to assist financially in undertaking an international experience. Details are listed at http://sydney.edu.au/medicine/current-students/costs-assistance/scholarships-prizes/index.php

NB: ALL Students wishing to apply for the Dean’s Scholarship Fund, the Technion Scholarship and/or the Carl Jackson Scholarship should apply at the same time as the OGH placements. The same application form should also be used. The OGH placement and some of the scholarship application processes have been merged and streamlined to minimise workload for students and staff. Outcomes of the application process will be forwarded to the scholarships committee for consideration (usually by mid-year). It is a condition of award that students applying for OGH placements should only do so if they are confident of self-funding.

The following will now be available to all Sydney Medical School students undertaking an international experience and seeking financial assistance.

What’s happening with the changes to OS-HELP?
On 28 June 2013 the Australian Parliament passed the Higher Education Support Amendment (Asian Century) Act 2013. The Act received the Royal Assent on 29 June 2013. The Act simplifies and enhances the OS-HELP scheme from 1 January 2014.

Under the new arrangements, eligibility for the OS-HELP scheme has been expanded to:

  • allow postgraduate Commonwealth supported students to access OS-HELP assistance;
  • remove the requirement that students be enrolled with an overseas higher education institution or an overseas campus of a higher education institution, so that students can receive OS-HELP assistance for study travel and clinical and professional placements undertaken outside of a university setting; and
  • reduce the amount of study that a student must have remaining to complete after their overseas study from 0.5 EFTSL to 0.125 EFTSL to allow more students approaching the end of their course to access OS-HELP.

Students undertaking overseas study in Asia may also be eligible for:

  • an increased maximum loan amount of $7,500, which is $1,250 more than for other destinations; and
  • a supplementary loan amount of up to $1,000 to assist with the cost of language study undertaken in preparation for overseas study in Asia.

The Government will amend the OS-HELP Guidelines to reflect the changes to the scheme and higher education providers will then be able to update their OS-HELP policies. We will advise higher education providers once the Guidelines have been amended.

Further information regarding the changes to the OS-HELP scheme will soon be made available on the Study Assist website.

If you have any questions about the changes, please email

For detailed information see the following: