International Speciality Blocks

The Sydney Medical School is gradually increasing opportunities for students to complete part or all of some speciality blocks in overseas partner locations. These placements will require selection during Med 2 and often necessitate particular stream allocations. These International Speciality Blocks are open to ALL students regardless of clinical school or nationality. They are different to special arrangements for international students to complete some of their training in their home country. (Please refer to course website for these special arrangements if appropriate).

Language skills and some training may be required for some placements. Students will be responsible for the costs of travel and accommodation and living in most cases. Some scholarship support may be available (but not guaranteed) through the Dean’s Scholarship and other funds.

Applications will be called for through a bulletin to Med 2 students in the first half of 2012. Details of the application process will be provided at that time.

Speciality Blocks offered

Germany - Technische Universität Dresden