Student Research Experience Questionnaire

Data on the perceptions of current research higher degree students about their research training experience is gathered every two years using the Student Research Experience Questionnaire. This survey is distributed to all currently enrolled research higher degree students.

The purpose of the SREQ is to provide the University community with a basis for strategic, faculty level academic development and curriculum review to further enhance the quality of research higher degrees. Analysis of this data provides a comprehensive picture of trends in the student experience, and the performance of the University in relation to two of the University’s Key Performance Indicators for research: Supervision and Overall Satisfaction with the research higher degree; and other related areas: Infrastructure; Research Climate; and Graduate Attributes/ Generic Skills.

Written observations, from respondents to the survey, about their experiences provide evidence to support faculty quantitative data results (percentage agreement scores), and provide detailed information about key issues in the areas of best practice and areas needing improvement, during their research training experience. The results are directly aligned with the scales and survey items used in the SREQ, with the addition of items that occur frequently in student comments.

Faculty and University Reports

Based on the responses to both the survey items (quantitative data) and open questions (qualitative data), the Graduate Studies Office has been preparing and distributing institutional and faculty reports on the research higher degree student experience for a number of years. The SEG Research Training Committee position paper: Closing the Loop: disseminating the results and reports of the Student Research Experience Questionnaire provides strategies for ensuring that these reports are widely disseminated to senior management, staff and students.

Responding to the reports: strategies and initiatives

Faculties are asked to address issues raised by students in their responses to the SREQ, and provide reports to the SEG Research Training Committee, outlining the strategies and initiatives that they would use to improve the research higher degree student experience, and communicate the results across the faculty. Faculty responses are available with the SREQ reports here.

Faculty responses SREQ 2012

In response to requests from faculties to share common issues, ideas and best practice, faculty responses to the SREQ 2012 reports were collated into a single report: Faculty responses to the 2012 SREQ reports: a compilation.

The first part of this report compiles examples of best practice, strategy and initiatives regarding the higher degree by research student experience. The second part describes the communication strategies used by faculties to disseminate information relevant to the research higher degree student experience.

The report shares faculty approaches to common issues and provides a resource of ideas and best practice for faculties to consult when approaching areas needing improvement. It is worth noting the significant efforts by most faculties in the areas of Infrastructure and Research Climate, which students have identified as the most in need of improvement.

Faculty responses SREQ 2010

Faculty responses to the SREQ 2010 were summarised in the following reports: