Academic Board policy on supervision of higher degree research candidates

The University of Sydney is committed to providing high quality supervision to postgraduate research students. You can read the Supervision of Higher Degree by Research Students Policy 2013 here.

Supervisor Register

The Supervisor Register is a list of all the people who are able to act as supervisors (research or auxiliary) for postgraduate research students at the University of Sydney, as authorized by the relevant faculty. Each faculty has a separate Register and a supervisor may be listed on multiple Registers representing cross faculty supervision.

The Graduate Studies Office (GSO) maintains the Supervisor Register.

Supervisor updates on FlexSiS (entering a supervisor into FlexSiS, and creating a FlexSiS record for a new external staff member) are undertaken by Graduate Studies Office.

Online forms and electronic filing

There are two forms, one for external supervisors and one for internal supervisors (that is, staff or current affiliates), which must be completed and submitted to the relevant Faculty. Once approval has been sought from the relevant Associate Dean, the Faculty staff will submit the application to the Graduate Studies Office. The forms will then be filed in TRIM File No 2010/13691.

You can view or download the submissions you make at any time at Records Online This should alleviate any need to keep hard copies in your faculty.

Information will be stored in accordance with the disposal schedule of the NSW State Records Act 1998 and will be available to authorised staff within the University of Sydney.

The two forms are available in the Apply to be a supervisor tab to the right of this page.

For Academic Staff: Become a supervisor of higher degree research candidates

Are you an academic staff member or current affliate wanting to join the Supervisor Register?

In order to be authorized to supervise postgraduate students, you will need to demonstrate prior experience and/or undertake the Foundations of Research Supervision (FRS) at the Institute for Teaching & Learning.

Potential supervisors need to be authorized by their Faculty (usually by the Dean or Associate Dean (Research Training)). Once you have been authorized to supervise higher degree research candidates, Graduate Studies Office will add you to the Supervisor Register

More information and relevant forms to seek permission to supervise can be found at Apply to be a supervisor

Once registered as a Supervisor on the Supervisor Register, you will automatically appear in your Faculty's list on the Graduate Studies Office website.

We also recommend that Supervisors use Research Supervisor Connect to publish their research interests online. This will help you to connect with potential students. Contact the Research Connect Team at

Are you a student looking for a potential research supervisor?

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You can see the list of supervisors by faculty here Supervisor Register

For more detailed information about supervisors or to search by research topic, use Research Supervisor Connect