Policies relating to Personal Conduct

Title of Policy Description

Alcohol: policy and Guidelines on Consumption

The University recognises that alcohol consumption is an established part of life in Australia and is enjoyed by many members of the University community. The University will not attempt to stop drinking on the campus, but will encourage moderation in and a responsible attitude towards the consumption of alcohol.

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University of Sydney (Campus Access) Rule 2009

The purpose of this Rule is to confer upon the University certain powers in relation to persons coming onto a campus or other property occupied by the University.

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Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Policy and Resolution Procedure

This policy provides a clear statement of the University's expectations of its staff, students and affiliates in respect of conduct that may constitute unlawful harassment or discrimination. It defines what is considered to be unlawful harassment and unlawful discrimination and provides the resolution procedure through which staff, students and affiliates may resolve complaints, problems and concerns of unlawful harassment and discrimination.

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Equal Opportunity in Education Policy

The University has a policy of equal opportunity in education. It is important that individuals inside and outside the University are aware of this and of their rights and responsibilities with respect to the achievement of the aims of this policy.

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Work Health and Safety Policy

This policy sets out the University's commitment to providing a safe, healthy environment and experience for its staff, students, affiliates and visitors. The policy sets out the guidelines and procedures to be followed to ensure compliance with OHS legislation.

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Children in University Workplaces and Premises Policy

This policy outlines the circumstances in which children may be brought into University workplaces and premises.

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