The Graduate Studies Office (GSO) is committed to providing high quality advice and support to University staff in relation to postgraduate coursework and research degrees. For further details of the responsibilities of the GSO please see the Role of the GSO

This website holds a range of information and resources for staff including:

Guidelines for Postgraduate Induction and Orientation

Induction and orientation for research higher degree students are important ways of ensuring that students get off to a good start with their study. While some commencing research students will have been studying at the university for years, many may be new to the University or returning after many years break from study or even be new to the country. In all cases, the experience of research study can be very different to coursework study, and can be much more like a staff experience.

The aim of an induction program for research higher degree students is to set them off on the best possible start and equip them for their research candidature and beyond. It should prepare students to be fully participating members of their research communities. Effective induction of research higher degree candidates ensures that they have the requisite knowledge to participate effectively and safely in their departments and research teams. It also ensures that candidates are familiar with their rights and responsibilities, can easily access resources and facilities, and develop collegial relationships in their department or faculty.

The Guidelines for Postgraduate Induction and Orientation are provided as an indication of what is achievable in an induction or orientation program, and are based on ‘best practice’ from within the University.

Go8 Graduate Research Leadership Workshop

The Group of Eight (Go8) Universities are running a two-day workshop on 19-20 August 2013 at the Melborune Business School for postgraduate co-ordinators and other leaders in the supervision of higher degree by research. The workshop will allow people to discuss and compare best practice in supervision.

The workshop cover the themes:

  • What makes for a good supervision experience?
  • Establishing a positive graduate research culture
  • What graduate research candidates expect from the university

The DVC Education Portfolio will reimburse travel and accomodation expenses (up to $1500 per person) for a maximum of five postgraduate co-oridnators (or equivalent) to attend the Workshop (particpants must have approval in advance from Graduate Studies Office in order to qualify for reimbursement).

For information (including the program) or to express interest in attending, please contact as soon as possible.