About the trust

Henry Halloran

The objective of this trust is to promote scholarship, innovation and research in town planning, urban development and land management. This will be achieved through collaborative cross-disciplinary and industry research that will generate innovative approaches to urban and regional policy, planning and development issues. Research will cover vital issues such as governance, taxation, the role of public and private finance in the implementation of development, transportation, law, land and building tenure, ecology and energy and water use with respect to sustainability.

Our goals

The activities of the trust are based on two fundamental principles The first is to support leading edge research by providing targeted financial support for the most innovative scholars and practioners. The second is leverage- the trust aims to supplement the initial donation by seeking research and organization partners to increase the reach and scope of the trust.

Key roles of the trust:

  • Promote academic, professional and public debate through public lectures, seminars and the publication
    of research that can beneficially alter current practice and encourage inspirational
    thinking regarding the management of urban and regional development;
  • Encourage external partnerships with international scholars, practitioners and funding
    agencies to work on collaborative research projects;
  • Foster the generation of policy relevant advice to government, the private sector and
    the community through proposals and publications;
  • Promote the enhancement of teaching and research within the University by lectures
    and seminars led by resident scholars and practitioners.

Our ambition is to become a leading voice and advocate for the advancement of liveable cities, thriving urban communities and sustainable development.