The activities of the Trust

"Promoting academic, professional and public debate on critical issues through public lectures, and seminars;"

"Fostering the generation of policy relevant advice to government, the private sector and the community through submissions and publications."
(Trust Deed 2012)

Is the cost of zoning for a Sydney house really $489k?

In March 2018 the Reserve Bank of Australia released a discussion paper “The Effect of Zoning on House Prices”. The paper was widely reported in the press and generated considerable debate. The Henry Halloran Trust saw this as an important opportunity to promote public debate on this issue.

In conjunction with City Futures at UNSW it organised a public seminar on May 31st.

It sponsored a short film on the issue (see below)

In response one of the RBA authors – Peter Tulip - published some
further material

The Trust’s Director prepared a working paper (available shortly).

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