"To support scholarly research into critical policy issues relevant to current practice in Australian and international urban and regional land management, encouraging the development of innovative approaches to the management of land and natural resources."
(Trust Deed 2012)

Competitive research grants

Strategic partnership grants & Blue Sky project grants
Amount: $25k
Deadline: Thursday, August 3rd 2 2017

The Henry Halloran Trust continues to focus on the key issue of infrastructure. One of the challenges in this space is not so much the infrastructure hardware or engineering but the challenges of putting this infrastructure into place – what could be called infrastructure implementation. This is one of the greatest challenges for the 21st century as the world grapples with accelerating urbanism. Moreover, whilst this infrastructure includes physical infrastructure such as roads and railway lines it also includes a range of other infrastructure that a modern city needs to function effectively.

In its current funding round, two types of project funding are available;

  • Strategic partnership grants
    The first is project funding for strategic partnership grants. Strategic partnership grants are grants where the Trust shares research funding in conjunction with other agencies.
  • Blue sky project grants
    The second type of project is what the Trust is calling Blue Sky project grants. The Trust will promote exploration and research into innovative ideas and concepts.

The maximum amount available $25,000.

Applications for funding should be submitted to the Trust’s Administration Manager - Ms Kim Beecroft () on the Research Project application form by 3pm on Thursday August 3rd . Please submit a Microsoft Word file. Applicants will be notified regarding the outcome of their application by 13 October.

Research opportunities

A number of current research opportunities exist through the Trust's incubator Urban Housing Lab program;

  • A Practitioner in Residence opportunity, applications close 9th November 2016
    The Henry Halloran Trust at the University of Sydney is inviting applications from experienced practitioners, policy makers, or industry leaders with expertise in one or more of the following fields: urban planning, the housing market, housing development, or demographic analysis to spend a period of time working with researchers in the University’s Urban Housing Lab@Sydney. The Urban Housing Lab@Sydney is funded under the Henry Halloran Trust’s research incubator scheme, which includes three year’s support for a small team to develop a research platform for examining housing market dynamics in Sydney and potential levers for change. Led by Professor Nicole Gurran (urban policy and housing) and Dr Somwrita Sarkar (complex networks, computational models), research fostered within the Incubator connects to wider scholarship on urban governance, planning, infrastructure, the market and big-data analytics while distilling key implications for policy and practice.
    Full position details (31Kb PDF)
  • 2 Research Associate opportunities, applications close 9th November 2016
    Applicants should have academic qualifications in a relevant discipline such as urban planning, sociology, economics, property/real estate studies, or urban geography. An honours degree is highly desirable, as is professional experience. We are particularly looking for researchers with skills in GIS and or quantitative data analysis, but qualitative researchers are also encouraged to apply. The positions would be ideally suited to HDR research students, recent PhD graduates, or professionals seeking experience in a research environment. The level of appointment will be negotiated with successful candidates, based on qualifications and experience.
    Full position details (31Kb PDF)
  • A Visiting Professor/Scholar opportunity, applications close 5th December 2016
    Urban Housing Lab@Sydney is accepting applications for its 2017 visiting professors/scholars program. Applicants may be at any stage in their academic career, but their research interests should complement the work of the Urban Housing Lab ( In 2017, researchers interested in comparative housing and planning research, the implications of the ‘share economy’ for urban planning or housing markets, planning regulation, reform and the housing market; or the political aspects of housing and urban studies, are particularly encouraged to apply, but we will consider other proposals..
    Full position details (24Kb PDF)