Funded Research Projects for 2014


Enabling audience participation through Urban Media
as a diagnostic method in Urban Planning ($47,834)

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Urban Media Report

Dr Martin Tomitsch (Usyd CI), Senior Lecturer; Design Lab, The University of Sydney with
Mr Ian McArthur Senior Lecturer; COFA, UNSW,
Dr Matthias Haeeusler, Senior Lecturer; Built Environment UNSW,
Mr Brad Miller Senior Lecturer; COFA, UNSW,
A/Prof Marcus Foth, Urban Informatics Lab QUT,
A/Prof Andrew Murphie FAS, UNSW and
Mr Luke Hespanhol PhD Candidate, Design Lab, The University of Sydney

The projects focuses on how urban screens contribute to building more livable, creative and engaging ‘smart ‘cities. It aims to bring together a series of ongoing research efforts into a holistic approach. This will lead to a tested and reproducible method for identifying how to ‘program’ urban screens to respond to specific physical and socio- cultural environments.

UrbanLab@Sydney: Building an open access data system
for policy analysis and visualization. ($30,876)

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Open Access Report

Dr Somwrita Sarkar, Lecturer; Design Lab The University of Sydney
A/Prof Dr Nicole Gurran, Urban and Regional Planning, The University of Sydney and
Dr Martin Tomitsch Senior Lecture Design Lab, The University of Sydney

UrbanLab@Sydney aims to establish a system or platform that can be enhanced in the future via the addition of new data variables and analytical approaches, extending to a range of other urban issues and focus areas, subject to resources. It will be the first of its kind in any university across Australia to develop an online, publicly accessible system for data analysis, information visualization, and policy relevant commentary on urban planning and city science research in Australia.

A new low cost home ownership model for Australia using a CLT framework
($23,160 plus $10,080 contribution from MDA Australia)

A/Prof Dr Nicole Gurran (Usyd CI) Urban and Regional Planning, The University of Sydney and
Dr Louise Crabtree ICS, UNSW

This project’s priority is in the area of developing innovative solutions to increasing housing supply, providing solutions that can be used in any Australian jurisdiction. This project will build on previous work developing the Australian CLT Manual, by building a detailed feasibility model in partnership with a Brisbane NGO, MDA.

Agonistic community engagement in planning: 'Understanding community
knowledge, community demand and structural constraints' ($45,085)


Resident involvement Report

A/Prof Phil McManus,
Dr Dallas Rogers,
Dr Laura Schatz,
Dr Awais Piracha and
Dr Cameron McAuliffe

The aim of this study is to theorize an innovative approach to effective community engagement in planning policy. The research team will propose an innovative community engagement model by drawing on recent developments in participatory planning theory. The model will be outlined by critiquing the current assumptions about, limitations of, and capacities for civic participation in the NSW planning system.

This project has resulted in the following additional research outputs;

RateIT: Crowdsourced real-time app to improve
the passenger experience ($64,593)

Dr Claudine Moutou: Institute of Transport & Logistics Studies (ITLS)
Professor Judy Kay: School of IT,
Associate Professor Robert Kummerfield: School of IT and
Mr David Royle Managing Director Forest Coach Lines

This project uses innovations in mobile technology and crowdsourced data to track subjective measures of passenger experience and examine how feeding this back to passengers and operators can improve passenger experience and service provision. The project team consists of transport and IT (human interaction) academic specialists working with a bus company industry partner. This project combines research, technology and operational knowledge to create a new space for information exchange about passenger views during their trip, which over time will result in a longitudinal dataset to understand how to optimise passenger experience.