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Graduate Studies Handbook

Whether you are joining the university for the first time or are returning, you have selected one of Australia’s best universities, where opportunities for personal and professional growth abound. The University of Sydney is a high quality research institution, of both national and international significance, and home to the best researchers. You have now joined a life-long learning community whose influence will extend far beyond the next few years. As part of that community, you will be in contact with the best researchers and scholars in the country and indeed the world.

As you embark on postgraduate study, your learning will be much more self-directed, and at times, enormous creativity will be required of you. The university has a vast array of services and support in place for you since we understand that as you begin to form your research agenda you may need extra support in a range of areas: technical, administrative, methodological, pedagogical. These services are here because of the incredible value of postgraduates to our university. We do not want you to fail. You are central to the whole knowledge making enterprise that constitutes a university. Without you, the upcoming generation of researchers and scholars, without your critical enquiry, there is no university.