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Digital Cultures

Digital Cultures is in the School of Letters, Art and Media (SLAM).

Digital Cultures is an innovative cross-disciplinary program. It critically investigates the cultural and social changes associated with new media and digital technologies. Our classes combine hands-on learning in labs with related studies in media, cultural studies, aesthetics, textual criticism, sociology and technology studies.

The Digital Cultures Program puts intelligent, interactive, mobile and networked technologies into context, drawing on media studies, sociology, history, philosophy, cultural studies, games studies and cyber culture studies. The program combines face-to-face coursework with exercises in computer labs using web production tools, social software, blogs and wikis.

At the Undergraduate level the Digital Cultures program currently offers:

  • a major in Digital Cultures,
  • individual units of study that students may take as elective units within other degree programs,
  • an Honours program in Digital Cultures.

Senior Units of Study offered in Digital Cultures:

  • ARIN2600 Technocultures
  • ARIN2610 Web Transformations
  • ARIN2620 Cyberworlds
  • ARIN2630 Digital Arts
  • ARIN3620 Researching Digital Cultures
  • ARIN3640 Computer Games and Simulation.

To complete a major in Digital Cultures, students must complete 36 senior credit points in Digital Cultures units of study including up to 12 credit points from approved cross-listed units of study. Information on Digital Cultures units of study can be obtained in the Unit of Study section in this handbook.

Students graduating with this major not only have competencies in using digital media, but have the breadth of understanding and critical insight to understand where these technologies fit in a rapidly changing world.

For further information on cross-listed units of study, please consult the Table of Crosslisted units available on the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences website

Recommended pathway:
1st year Semester 2
ARIN2610 Web Transformations

2nd year Semester 1
ARIN3640 Computer Games and Simulation
ARIN2630 Digital Arts

2nd year Semester 2
ARIN2620 Cyberworlds

3rd year
ARIN2600 Technocultures
ARIN3620 Researching Digital Cultures

The Honours program allows students to undertake a research project and become an expert in a recent development in digital media. Students need to complete 48 senior credit points in the Digital Cultures program comprising ARIN and cross-listed units of study. The ARIN units must include ARIN2600 Technocultures and ARIN3620 Researching Digital Cultures. An average of credit or above is required for the 48 credit points. Further detail regarding prerequisites and the nature of the Honours year is described in the Honours section of this handbook.

Summer School
The Digital Cultures program offers the following undergraduate units of study as part of the 2012 University of Sydney Summer School:

  • ARIN2610 Web Transformations

For further details see the Summer School webpage:

Contact/further information
For further information see the department website:
Undergraduate Student Adviser: Dr Kathy Cleland