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Media and Communications

Media and Communications is part of the School of Letters, Art and Media (SLAM).

The Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) is an interdisciplinary degree offered at both pass and honours levels. The media and communications component of the four–year pass degree offers students professional training in the main areas of media production and an advanced education in the history and theory of the field. Core units of study focus on digital media production and consumption, the structure of the media and communications industries, the media's role in culture and politics, globalisation and legal and ethical issues in the field. Students will explore these areas through a diverse array of disciplinary perspectives and relevant critical theories. They will develop professional skills in the fields of print, radio, video, online media and media relations. In the fourth year of their study, students will undertake an industry internship. The degree will equip students for entry into areas such as print, broadcast and online journalism, international communications, media regulation and public policy, media and public relations and corporate communications. The four-year structure of the Pass degree also qualifies students to apply to those programs in the United States that require a four year undergraduate degree.

The Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) requires the completion of 192 credit points over four years of full-time study. The degree consists of compulsory units of study in Media and Communications (78 credit points), a major in Table A and further units of study which may add up to a second major in either Table A or B. The compulsory units of study in Media and Communications include three junior units of study (18 credit points), eight senior units of study (48 credit points) and an Internship (12 credit points). The compulsory units may vary as determined by the department and the faculty. A standard pathway through the Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) degree is four units of study per semester for eight semesters.

Media and Communications Compulsory Units 2012

  • MECO1001 Australian Media Studies
  • MECO1002 Media and Communications Landscapes
  • MECO1003 Principles of Media Writing
  • MECO2601 Radio Broadcasting
  • MECO2603 Media Relations
  • MECO3601 Video Production
  • MECO3602 Online Media
  • MECO3603 Media Law and Ethics
  • MECO3605 Media Globalisation
  • MECO3606 Advanced Media Writing
  • MECO3609 Critical Practice in Media and Communications
  • MECO3671 Media and Communications Internship
  • MECO3672 Internship Project

An honours program is also available in Media and Communications. Further detail regarding prerequisites and the nature of the honours year is described in the Honours section of this handbook.

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