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Dean of Engineering and Information Technologies, Professor Archie Johnston

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies at the University of Sydney.

Our faculty has a long, proud history since 1883 of producing many distinguished graduates who have made significant contributions to infrastructure developments – both here and overseas. They have also played major roles in stimulating the Australian economy through inspirational technological innovations.

Engineers, information technology and project management professionals create new structures, systems and products to support the growth of communities and these professionals rely on an understanding of mathematics and science as well as knowledge of business and legal processes. Our graduates receive a well-rounded education of the fundamentals and have acquired design and research skills in preparation for them to lead innovation and shape our future.

The attributes of our graduates include being able to:

  • create new knowledge and understanding through the process of research and inquiry
  • use information effectively
  • work independently and sustainably in a way that is informed by openness, curiosity and a desire to meet new challenges
  • hold personal values and beliefs consistent with their role as responsible community members
  • recognise and value communication as a tool for negotiating and creating new understanding, interacting with others and furthering their own learning.

The faculty has strong research and education links with Australian and global industry through our world-leading research centres and outstanding alumni. These relationships are energised through undertaking collaborative research and projects as well as leading industry and community-relevant teaching programs.

The combination of our degrees with those of Science, Commerce, Medical Science, Arts, Architecture, Project Management and Law also provide exciting and flexible pathways to suit the needs of our diverse student population.

We hope that you enjoy your educational journey at the University of Sydney and that it will stimulate a rich and lasting relationship with us.

Professor Archie Johnston FTSE, FAICD
Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies
November 2012