The Writing Hub, situated in the School of Letters, Art and Media (SLAM), offers units of study in writing and rhetoric.

Program structure and content

Essays, exams, reports, speeches, bibliographies and reviews are everyday writing tasks for university students. The Writing Hub’s units of study enable students to develop a robust and effective writing process for their academic needs. After exploring ancient and modern theories of rhetoric and argumentation, our students are able to adapt their writing to different professional, political or educational tasks.

All WRIT units of study include a blend of online and face-to-face activities. For example, in WRIT1000, students might discuss online video clips of international sportspeople to learn more about how people from different cultures construct a sentence or paragraph. In WRIT1001 students link up online with their peers at Stanford University to discover how advertising relates to academic argumentation. In our senior-level units, students might study famous orators from history and conduct research to create their own effective speech or argument.

As employers increasingly seek people who can write across a range of contexts and transition from one context to another, our units help students to develop writing processes for all situations.

Please note that there is no major available

The units of study available in Writing can be found in the unit of study table under Writing.

There are two junior units of study in Writing:

  • WRIT1000: Writing English – Style and Method
  • WRIT1001: Writing and Rhetoric – Academic Essays.

And two senior units of study in Writing:

  • WRIT2002: Advanced Writing and Research
  • ENGL2652 Modern Rhetoric.

Students wishing to enrol in WRIT2002 and ENGL2652 will need to have completed 12 credit points from any subject area.

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