Subject areas

Table A subject areas (University of Sydney Business School)

The Table A subject areas are those offered by the disciplines of the University of Sydney Business School for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce and combined Bachelor of Commerce degrees. Students can complete majors, minors (in most cases) or electives from these subject areas for their degree.

Note. Students cannot complete both a major and a minor from the same subject area for their degree.

The Table A subject areas are as follows:

Table S - Interdisciplinary Studies

Students are able to complete a major, minor or electives from another faculty of the University of Sydney. For example, a language from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, or Behavioural Sciences from the Faculty of Science can be completed as a secondary major or minor in the Bachelor of Commerce and the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies.

The available majors, minor and units of study are listed in Table S in the Interdisciplinary Studies Handbook.