Postgraduate research

The University of Sydney Business School offers two higher degrees by research: the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and the Master of Philosophy (MPhil). These degrees are available either full time or part time.

Prospective students should contact the Business School's Research Unit for information about admission into a research program, facilities for research and to obtain an information package.

For specific academic advice regarding a research proposal, students should contact the Postgraduate Research Coordinator in the relevant discipline. These coordinators are the academics who have responsibility for research students at the discipline level.

Application assessment

In order for an application for admission to be successful, the Business School must determine whether a prospective student has the potential to successfully complete the proposed research program. In addition, the Postgraduate Research Coordinator must verify that:

  1. the proposed course of study and research is appropriate and acceptable
  2. the student has the necessary training and ability to pursue the proposed course of study and research
  3. there are sufficient supervisory and other resources and facilities available to ensure candidature can be completed successfully within the time limits.

Induction program

All new PhD and MPhil candidates within the Business School undertake a formal induction program which establishes a sense of belonging to the Business School and a sense of cohesion as a group of research students. This induction includes an introduction to the role and expectations of supervisors; strategies to underpin progress and completion of the research thesis; and training in the efficient use of documents, databases and library facilities.

Research facilities

The Business School has excellent research facilities to assist postgraduate candidates.

  • The Research Centre – this area consists of both carrels and workstations. It also has printing, photocopying, phone, lounge area and kitchen facilities. The Research Centre is located in the Economics and Business Building and access is available for students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Fisher Library contains significant collections relevant to the work of the Business School. There are 400 computer terminals connected to the campus broadband network. In addition, postgraduate students may obtain 24-hour access to the Computer Laboratory in the Merewether Building.
  • Email accounts and internet access are also available, along with a number of computer packages, securities price files, company annual reports, historical records, legal services, and stock exchange services.