Music Skills Core Units

Subject tables

The following list of units of study make up the core requirements (apart from Principal Study) for all the undergraduate programs. Many of these units of study can also be taken as electives.

Unit of study Credit points A: Assumed knowledge P: Prerequisites C: Corequisites N: Prohibition Session

Music Skills

Aural Perception

Aural Perception is taken as a sequence of either four or five semester units. On entry to the BMus, DipMus, BMusStudies and combined degree awards courses, students will – on the basis of a written test – be assigned either to AP1 or to AP1A and AP1B. Both options cover the same material and have the same exit standard, but while AP1 is a one semester unit, AP1A and AP1B extend over one year (two semesters) to enable students with limited experience or weakness to progress at a slower pace. Regardless of the results of the written test, students may request enrolment in AP1A and AP1B. Students who successfully complete AP1 in first semester progress to AP2 in second semester. Students who successfully complete AP1B at the end of second semester progress to AP2 in first semester of the following year. The AP units aim to foster musical understanding by developing the aural perception skills which are essential for any professional musician: The ability to recognise, memorise and notate musical patterns heard (dictation and analysis work); and the ability to imagine in one's 'inner ear', and reproduce vocally, musical patterns from notation (Solfege work). Students are encouraged to apply the ideas and procedures studied in class to their own musical pursuits. Within the Musicology unit, AP is integrated as closely as possible with the Harmony and Music History units. For further information contact the Aural Perception Co-ordinator, Christopher Coady (Musicology).
Aural Perception 1
Note: Department permission required for enrolment

Semester 1
Aural Perception 1A
Note: Department permission required for enrolment

Semester 1
Aural Perception 1B
3    P MCGY1001
Semester 2
Aural Perception 2
3    P MCGY1000 or MCGY1002
Semester 1
Semester 2
Aural Perception 3
3    P MCGY1003
Semester 1
Semester 2
Aural Perception 4
3    P MCGY2004
Semester 1
Semester 2

Harmony and Analysis

Harmony and Analysis 1
3    P Assumed Knowledge: Ability to read musical notation including treble and bass clefs, and knowledge of scales, intervals and triads in tonal music.
N MUSC2699
Semester 1
Harmony and Analysis 2
3    P MCGY1008
Semester 2
Harmony and Analysis 3
3    P MCGY1009
Semester 1
Harmony and Analysis 4
3    P MCGY2010
Semester 2

Jazz Music Skills

Jazz Music Skills 1
6    C JAZZ1601 or JAZZ1631
N MUSC2699
Semester 1
Jazz Music Skills 2
6    P JAZZ1621
C JAZZ1632
Semester 2
Jazz Music Skills 3
6    P JAZZ1622
C JAZZ2603 or JAZZ2633
Semester 1
Jazz Music Skills 4
6    P JAZZ2623
C JAZZ2604 or JAZZ2634
Semester 2

Music Technology

Creative Music Technology
3      Semester 2

Sound Recording

Sound Recording Fundamentals
3      Semester 1