School of Civil Engineering

Much of the physical infrastructure of our modern society is designed and built by civil engineers. The Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil) will teach you about planning, designing and testing structures within the built environment.

You will develop professional technical, managerial, organisational, financial, environmental and problem solving skills in the discipline. As a civil engineer, you will be concerned with all types of structures including dams, bridges, pipelines, roads, towers and buildings. You may become responsible for the design and construction of our transport systems, the design and management of our gas and water supply, sewerage systems, harbours, airports or railways.

Career paths for civil engineering graduates include construction and mining companies, engineering and infrastructure consultants, municipal councils, public works, airport and harbour authorities, environmental consultants, banks and project management consultants.

The School of Civil Engineering offers the following undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil)
  • Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil) and Design in Architecture
  • Bachelor of Project Engineering and Management (Civil)

Please note that the Bachelor of Project Engineering and Management is no longer offered to new students. The information about this degree provided in this handbook is for continuing students only.

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