Public Health

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (Injury) Pathway

Injury is an important but often under-recognized contributor to the health burden in the community at all ages, although the patterns differ across ages and between developed and developing countries. The Injury Pathway is designed for students with an interest in learning about patterns of injury and the principles and practicalities of developing programs to control and prevent injuries. Note that your transcript will not explicitly identify that you undertook this pathway and you are not restricted to the listed units – they are provided only as a guide.

In addition to completing the required credit points of core units of study, Graduate Diploma students must complete 12 credit points of electives, and Masters students must complete 20 credit points of electives. A minimum of 6 (Grad Dip) or 8 (Masters) credit points of electives must come from Part 1 of the Table of Units of Study: Public Health.

Elective Units of Study Credit points

Part 1 electives

Intro - Public Health Program Evaluation
Public Health Advocacy
Injury Prevention
Injury Epidemiology Prevention & Control
Falls Prevention in Older People
Public Health Advocacy Strategies
 Part 2 electives  
Ethics and Public Health
Applying Models of Health Behaviour