Dean of The University of Sydney Nursing School

Welcome to The University of Sydney Nursing School

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery (Sydney Nursing School) in my first year as Dean. I am excited about continuing the excellent work of Sydney Nursing School in education, research and scholarship and applaud the innovation and creativity of staff and students as we work with our clinical and professional partners on exciting new developments in health and health care that focus on people and their communities.

The health care landscape changes constantly, both locally and internationally. We have designed our programs to develop the knowledge, skills and experience necessary for you to establish and grow a rewarding career in clinical or community practice, and in nursing and midwifery research. Our programs continuously undergo academic and industry review to ensure that they remain current and relevant. You will learn in an academically rigorous environment which, at the same time, is stimulating and supportive. The values we hold at Sydney Nursing School ensure that our research, education, policy and practice development endeavours are carried out in a culture of transparency, respect, inclusiveness, collegiality and cultural safety. This culture relishes constructive, critical debate and intellectual challenge.

Students who study at Sydney Nursing School at the University of Sydney have many opportunities to access teaching and research across all the health disciplines. Learning from world experts and studying alongside students from other health professions will not only give you a unique educational perspective, but introduces you to inter-disciplinary practice that reflects upon the complexities, challenges and rewards you will face working in health and health care.

We aim to create and sustain a vibrant environment of engaged enquiry that emphasises the indivisibility of nursing and midwifery research, education, practice and policy. We are proud to be educating nurses and midwives who are confident and competent to work in communities near and far, and to be undertaking research that influences future trends in treatment, patient centred care and disease prevention.

Situated within a research-intensive university, our academic staff are among the leading researchers in their fields. Their work is directly translated into your education and into improving care for others through practice. With two nursing and midwifery research units and a number of clinical professors and joint research appointments across the Sydney area, we value the development of a strong research community among our staff and students.

Through our teaching, research and scholarship, Sydney Nursing School aims to be the premier research-intensive nursing and midwifery school in Australia, respected and highly regarded nationally and internationally. We are committed to cross-disciplinary, collaborative research and scholarship that has a focus on improving health, the quality of care, and the health-related experience of people across the lifespan, including the end of life.

There are so many fabulous things you can do as a nurse or midwife and many opportunities await you as a student of the University of Sydney. I encourage you to explore these experiences. Whether you are joining us to advance your career in health, or just beginning your fascinating journey to become a nurse, Sydney Nursing School is a great place to study. You are most warmly welcomed.

Please accept my best wishes for a successful year.

Professor Donna Waters
Dean, The University of Sydney Nursing School