Master of Philosophy

Unit of study descriptions

PHAR6000 Research Methods - Departmental permission is required for this unit

This unit of study does not have Data Audit Committee approval

Credit points: 6 Teacher/Coordinator: Dr Wojciech Chrzanowski Session: Semester 1 Classes: Workshops/tutorials Assessment: Oral presentation and journal article (5%), statistics oral presentation (10%), statistics project logbook (5%), faculty seminar attendance (5%), research project proposal (25%), written report (40%) and supervisor's feedback (10%). Mode of delivery: Normal (lecture/lab/tutorial) day
Note: Department permission required for enrolment
Through coursework, assignments, reports and presentations, the unit of study develops the generic skills required to undertake research at a postgraduate level. The main activities are the literature review, laboratory safety, data management, research project design, scientific writing and oral presentation. In addition, each discipline has the option to expand on these core methodologies as seen appropriate by the Head of Discipline in which the candidate is undertaking their research component.